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All Saints,


All Saints Church is situated in the hamlet of Greetwell, 2 miles east of Lincoln in open countryside on the north bank of the River Witham.

The parish derives its name from a spring which sends water to the nearby River Witham.

The Domesday Survey recorded Greetwell as a small parish having only 37 inhabitants and about 1113 acres of land which at that time belonged to the manor of Roger de Busli having previously been recorded as owned by Sven the Saxon but given to Roger de Busli as a gift from William the Conqueror.

The church is a Grade II Listed building with architecture dating from the 11th Century, late 13th Century and late 14th Century. It was thoroughly repaired/restored in 1855-6 when the pews and pulpit were replaced; the floor was re-levelled, the chancel was enlarged and raised and new windows were added.

The church itself consists of a west tower, nave with south porch and an apsidal chancel which is structurally Norman. On the south wall of the nave, the outline of a tall and narrow keyhole window identifies that the nave is of Saxon origin. 

The centre window depicts the resurrection. On the north side are the arms of  the Dalyson (Dalison) family (once long-time residents of Greetwell Manor) and  on the south side are the arms of England and France.

There are memorials on both the south and north walls of the chancel dedicated to members of the family of Sir Richard Lely who was the eldest Grandson of the Sir Peter Lely, the court portrait painter, who once held the lease of Greetwell Manor.

The organ was originally built for the Lincoln Cathedral Song School and is inscribed 'West 1764 Fecit'. The organ was given to Greetwell Church in 1899 by the Dean and Chapter of Lincoln Cathedral.

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