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Keeping Safe

Caring for people is a very important part of our Christian life and we always set out to do that well.

We see ourselves as 'family' and want to treat people in a way that is thoughtful and kind. We try to make sure that people who have jobs in the church always behave well and in a way that is helpful to you. We never want anyone or anything in church to frighten, confuse or worry people. It is important that you tell us if something is upsetting you or if you are feeling worried about something that's happening or something someone is doing. We have specially trained people who you can talk to and who you can ask for help. These people are good at safeguarding This means they look after everyone's safety.

The people who can help you are Revd Canon Penny Green, the Parish Priest or members of the parish Safeguarding Team. You can contact Penny by emailing or phoning 01522 595596 or members of the Safeguarding Team as follows:

 Marilyn Small      (Churches in Reepham, Fiskerton, Langworth and Barlings)    Tel:   07955 610962

 Anita Callaway    (Churches in Cherry Willingham and Greetwell)                      Tel:   07927 970693

 Lyn Curtis            (Churches in Sudbrooke and Stainton by Langworth)             Tel:   07955 506916



If you wish to speak to someone outside the church you can talk to the Lincoln Diocese Safeguarding Team. Details are here:

Safeguarding | Lincoln Diocesan Trust and Board of Finance (

For other places of support and help, click here: 

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